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In The Flesh AU

Four years after the dead rose in Beacon Hills, Scott and Stiles, two Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers, return to a very different town than the one they died in.

The Argent family leads the resistance against human-zombie integration. Allison, their leader-in-training, struggles with PTSD as she’s lauded as a war hero. Her growing relationship with Scott tests the uneasy peace in town. When Derek Hale, a disciple of the Undead Liberation Army, returns to Beacon Hills, he amasses a small cult of undead teenagers. Scott and Stiles try to figure out what the holy hell he’s after and keep the town from descending into all-out war.

And sometimes they go to raves and get drunk on brains.

"You’re my BDFF. Best Dead Friend Forever. Forever. That’s non-negotiable."

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 Dylan O’Brienwinner of Breakthrough Actor Award, speaks onstage at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

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